Saturday, July 4, 2015


Set Of 22 Colors

So I wanted to make a set of eyebrows that kinda looked like a painted on set with a brow pencil! Some will match CC hair colors and Some will match EA hair colors an some will match my EA hair Recolors as shown in the pictures above! I showed a few different styles of hair they look good with, I'm sure they will work with many more styles also! Please Do Not Recolor My Brows or Upload them to other Sites to Download! Please do all link backs to my Blog! This set includes 22 colors! It list as one Item in Eyebrows! I couldn't get a custom Thumbnail to work but in my CAS they show up By the Bald Eye Brow! Enjoy! Made with Sims 4 Studio! For The Sims 4

NOTE: These Items DO NOT Replace Any EA Items!

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