Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bumble Weed Park

This lovely western town has a ton of stuff for your sims to enjoy when out with the pets for the day! Stop by and check it out! Enjoy this NoCC Build, A DNA Request By BreeMiles! Built with EP's, SP;s and Store Content! Plz. No Re-Uploading!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Toy For Tots

This little toy store is sure to make your toddlers and children happy! It has a compact living area upstairs for your sim. This lot was made for the Retail Store Challenge, By BreeMiles, Plz. No Re-uploading. #BreeMiles, #NoCC, #TheSims4, #Starter, #Retail, #Store, #Toy, #StarterRetailChallenge, #GetToWork, For our Retail Store Challenge

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mobile BookStore

This lovely retail lot is a a bookstore on wheel's! Well at least it moved at one time! But anyways, I'm sure your sims will enjoy running this bookstore, It has 1 bed, 1 bath and ready to be lived in if need be! You can lock the doors to keep un-friendly or friendly sims out! Enjoy this NoCC build By BreeMiles, #BreeMiles, #TheSims4, #TheSims, #TS4, #Moo, #NoCC, #Bookstore, #Retail, #StarterRetailChallenge, #GetToWork, For our Retail Store Challenge!

Sadie Rose

This beautiful Gypsy Vanner is sure to bring your sim lots of love and enjoyment! Enjoy! A DNA Request By BreeMiles, Plz. No Re-uploading! This horse has NoCC but I used the 100 layers mod to achieve the over all color of the horse! Mod from Spotted Acres! PM me and I will send you the link if you need it! Note: You don't need the mode installed to download the horse!