Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Eastbrook Beach

This rather large beautiful beach house is highly detailed with beautiful colors, has 11 bedrooms, 9 baths, beautiful breezeways, mudroom, laundry room, gym, pool table, hot tub, two pools one covered one open, play area for the kiddo's, the breezeways has easels on them, your sim will enjoy painting beautiful portraits together. This home also has 5 fully furnished apartments attached to the main dwelling! If you enjoy playing with several family's then this is where they need to be. This build has No CC and No CAP! It's built with all EP's, SP's, and a lot of Store Content! Built in beautiful Sunlit Tides at 1 Cove Road. This lot also looks pretty epic at Reef Road on the 64x64 lot, you will have to bulldoze the house that is there already, and I would suggest if you set it there to remove the fence around the back of this lot! Then it walks right out onto the beach!