Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stoney Falls Re-Make

I did a remake of Stoney Falls park to go with my Bear Lake Cabin! This park was remade from the park in Sunset Valley at 57 Waterfall Way. Lot size 64x54! I didn't change anything about the lot, the size was from Maxis! What I did was landscaping and beautifying it up to match my Bear Lake Cabin! Re-Made with EP's, SP's, and Store Content. NoCC, NoCAP!

Click Here To Download Bear Lake Cabin  From The Sims 3 Exchange

Bear Lake

Welcome To Bear Lake! This home has 3 bedroom's, 2 full bath's, outside it has a pool, grill, hot tub, outdoor shower. Make this a vacation home or if you love living by the lake then make it your main home. Either way, your Sims are sure to enjoy! Built with EP's, SP's, and Store Content! NoCC, NoCAP. 

NOTE: This home was built in Sunset Valley at 53 Waterfall Way on the 36x47 Maxis lot! This home goes great with the remake I did of Stoney Falls park that sits in front of the house! You can Download it separately or not at all! It's called Stoney Falls Re-Make in my studio on The Sims 3 Exchange!

It's Here
Link To Stoney Falls Park Re-Make

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wayne's Manor

This is my spin off of Wayne Manor! This lovely home has lot to offer! Stop with your sim an move right in! Enjoy This NoCC build!