Saturday, August 11, 2018

Faith Tomlin

Meet Faith, Born in the city married to a wonderful man named Tom, till unforeseen events happened and she lost the love of her life! Now she is looking for a small place away from the city, so she can cope with her lose and start her writing career! Enjoy my Faith, By BreeMiles! #BnS101, #TheSims4, #NoCC, #TS4, #BreeMiles, #ShowUsYourSims,

Harper NoCC

Enjoy this relaxing 5x5 starter home! Setting in New Crest, at the Oak Alcove Lot, perfect for a sim who wants a small place to start out in a quiet community! By BreeMiles, #TheSims4, #NoCC, #TS4, #BnS101, #ShowUsYourBuilds, #Moo, #BreeMiles, #5x5, #pool, #Starter, #DoNotReUpLoad, #Faith'sHome, #PlayTested, Note: To have sim use the computer, click on the computer chair and ask them to sit first then click on the computer and have them to use it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Keep Dry Fishing Park

Have you ever wanted to just fish in the rain? Well now you can with this fishing park you can fish anytime! Keep your sim dry and cozy while they fish here at this wonderful park! Enjoy, By BreeMiles, #TheSims4, #TS4, #BreeMiles, #NoCC, #Moo, #Park, #Fish, #KeepDry, #ShowUsYourBuilds,

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Corner Market Place Stories Part 2 Meet Ray

Continued adventures in Corner Market Place!
Meet Ray in his pink PJ's, a random sim I made, and the owner of Corner Market Place!
07-20-18_2-00-30 PM
Ray is making things tidy and helping out the employee's, making there job a bit easier! 07-20-18_2-10-36 PM
Ray has no dress code, well at least for himself and often seen wearing this! 07-20-18_2-17-28 PM
07-20-18_2-18-18 PM
Yeah and sometimes, there is two Ray's!07-20-18_2-33-30 PM
07-20-18_2-35-31 PM
and sometimes you get a glimpse of Ray in his pink PJ's
07-20-18_2-41-38 PM
Nothing as exciting as the opening day, but at least you get to meet Ray!
Stay tuned, maybe they will be more adventures in the Corner Market Place!

Corner Market Place Stories

Just wanted to add some adventures that I have while in game playing my Corner Market Place!
Welcome to Corner Market Place
07-18-18_5-09-35 PM
First day of me opening the store up in game to play! Not going so well! 07-19-18_12-28-45 PM
Yeah, really I worked this sim too hard!
07-19-18_12-35-57 PM
This thing breaks all the time! Really it does!
07-19-18_12-59-17 PM
The Goth family was my first customers, but I didn't get a shot of them, but yeah they came back after a couple days in sim game! 07-19-18_9-12-02 PM
Not so good for Mortimer though, he got struck by lighten and lived to tell about it! 07-19-18_8-37-07 PM
Yeah lots of storms happen, with seasons turned on! Poor Mortimer!
07-19-18_1-42-03 PM
Another shocking or should I say toasted sim comes around the corner, or should I say to The Corner Market Place!
07-19-18_10-06-25 PM
That's not all the fun that happens here though! This sim is going into labor, had to close the store so she could go to the hospital, really she needed a doctor not a diner/coffee shop! I really think now though, they were just wanting a free meal! Not here sister!
07-19-18_4-23-06 PM
Oh let's not forget this customer, who decides that its too hot in the diner for him and decides to streak! Like really man this is a family shop! Not the Strip Mall! LOL
07-19-18_9-38-43 PM
Then the critic comes in, hope he isn't here for all the excitement! Looking for good scores!
07-19-18_4-34-15 PM
All in all it turns out pretty good though! This game has really moved forward to keep us interested in the game play! Although Dine Out just happens to be one of my most favorite packs! 07-19-18_12-13-45 PM
Look for more adventures to come, as the Corner Market Place, makes its mark on the community of The Sims 4!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Highland Grill

Come enjoy the view as you dine out here, enjoy the beautiful garden's as you wait to be seated! By BreeMiles, #TS4, #Moo, #TheSims4, #BreeMiles, #Dine, #Restaurant, #HighlandGrill, Grill, #ShowUsYourBuilds, #NoCC, NOTE: Enable Move Objects On to place! Fully Play Tested!