Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Half Walls!! From Today's Patch

Ok so this is just a run down of the new EA Half Walls That we got today in the patch! I wanted to give you an ideal at how the EA wall textures look on the new Half Walls! From Right to Left! The first one on the right is the original EA wall, then they go down to the shortest one! The look pretty good I think! I used a bunch of different textures on them cause I wanted to see what kind of effect they give! I'm so glad we got these and yes we just didn't get one we got 5 different sizes and trim to go with them also in a bunch of different colors, which makes this even more awesome!! I plan on doing a few pictures of my CC walls that I made to see how they look on the new walls also! Look for those pictures in a few! Did I say Yay yet!! Yay!!!

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