Tuesday, June 2, 2015

VintageNWood "Wall Recolor"

Set of 13 Different Styles

Hello i'm back again an this time with my very first set of wall recolors! I really enjoyed doing the walls a bunch an will do more later!Notice this wall that I used to recolor did not come with a top trim, on some of them in game will have a top trim cause I made a top trim for some of them, because I love top trims! Notice some of the floor tiles are not EA, why because I also did some recolor of floor tiles and will have them up for you in a few! Some Image's Googled and Created in Sims 4 Studio! Enjoy! Set Shows up as 1 Catalog item! For The Sims 4!

NOTE: These Textures DO NOT work With the New July 9th 2015 Patch Version
NOTE: These Items DO NOT Replace Any EA Items!

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