Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Colors Short Dress

Set Of 9 Colors

Hello again everyone I'm proud to say this is my very first dress creation for The Sims 4, using Sims 4 Studio! Thanks goes out to Paogae for helping me understand how to do this and too Sims 4 Studio for there wonderful tool and best of tutorials!

NOTE: REMAKE Done on 7/23/2015

NOTE: I'm not sure if it was the last patch for the Spa set but the straps started showing threw the dress on the back!!!! so I RE-VAMPED IT !! Same Dress Same Style!! JUST Took out some of the shadows on the shoulder straps and fixed the back of the dress! Sorry for the inconvenience!! 

Note These Items DO NOT Replace Any EA Items!
NOTE: Models are randomized in CAS!

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