Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tropical Tops

So now I have tried Sims 4 Studio recoloring standalone items! Here is my first set it has a tropical feel to it! I googled the clip art to add to the shirts in Sims 4 Studio and Paint.Net! This set has 8 different colors and decals on them! This is my Lillie Rhoades show casing the shirts for you! You can find her in my Gallery in The Sims 4 Gallery!

I have got to say Sims 4 Studio You all Rock!! You have made this program so easy to use! Until now I was always afraid to endeavor into CC as I new it was too complicated! Now I find myself really enjoying making things with your Sims 4 Studio! Thank You again for putting this out here and making it easy for beginners like me to use!!

Note these items DO NOT Replace any EA items!

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